About Us


Welcome to Road 69! Est. 2020 in Toronto. Official launch — Dec 2021.

We are a lingerie and sex shop. We want you to feel comfortable with your bodies, and look sexy at the same time. Because when you know you look good, you feel good af!


Dare to be wild?
Dare to be different?
Join us, we are here to make a lasting impression and blow you away.
Fasten your seat belts…
We will take you on the ride of your life…


We are two friends who bonded over the love for lingerie. It all started when we first went lingerie shopping together. Next thing you know, going lingerie shopping after work quickly became our thing.

After a few failed trips to the mall and not finding anything that met our standards, we had an epiphany to open our own lingerie business.

This prompted the discussion between us to open our lingerie business to fuel our passion for lingerie and satisfy the desire to have the ultimate collection of sexy lingerie that will fit everyone of all sizes.

That’s all history and the rest is…a mystery.

Xo, S&N 💋

Ps. If you’re wondering about the name, it speaks for itself ;)